U N D E R____ C O N S T R U C T I O N

D.Net-Recycle S.A, member of DION group of companies, was established in 2002 and started its recycling activities in 2009. In its owned private property of 50.000m², in 56 Thermaikou street, Efkarpia Thessaloniki, are the offices as well as storage and production facilities. The company is only few years in the recycling market but has managed to become the leader in plastic recycling in Greece.

D.Net-Recycle S.A, with its highly trained staff, is using all technological methods and machinery, to ensure stable production of high quality products in competitive prices. The 5 lines of production are producing products such as:

  • PET flakes clear
  • PET flakes mixed color
  • Derivatives of PET bottles
  • HDPE trimmings from bottles, caps, barrels and crates
  • PP trimmings from crates and bottles

D.Net-Recycle S.A also deals with other plastics like LDPE, ABS,PS, where we collect high qualities and re-sell to the European, Chinese or Indian market.

 The company also has excess machinery for shredding (mobile 4 shaft shredder, 1 shaft shredder of high capaciy), granulators, washing and floatation machinery, drying machinery, zig zag stations, automatic sorting machines, which are in our facilities, ready to be used as mobile units or for hiring.

The target of the company is to establish a strong network of buying plastics for recycling, mainly from Greece, in order to function more production lines also for other kinds of plastic. 

Tel.: +30 2310 683 555
E-mail:[email protected]

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